The recovery unit is designed to distill dirty solvent from the self-cleaning presses or washers, in order to provide clean solvent to the presses and washers.

Distillation capacity is up to 80 l/h – 150l/h depending on the type of solvent to be treated and its characteristics: concentration, boiling point, superficial tension, the drying degree of the residue etc.


The washing machine has been designed to obtain an automatic, fast and efficient cleaning of the utensils used in the printing machines, such a doctor blades, scrapers, ink
buckets, etc.


The solvent control system between the presses and the distiller is designed to obtain an automatic control of the clean and dirty solvent transport between the distillation zone and the  printing zone. The system takes care of maintaining the desired levels in each tank and ,reducing the risk of overflows


The ink control system is designed for the high consumption colors in the printer, so that the operator does not have to refill or control the levels of these inks. Through different levels, the system takes care of refilling the ink tank during printing. There is no need to stop the machine, as well as ink shortage errors.


The energy recovery system is designed to take advantage of the excess energy in the incineration systems, convert this excess into hot water or thermal oil and reuse it in order to reduce the consumption of gas or electricity.